9/29/10 Site online!


9/30/10 My radio collection was in the collection section of Boy's Life magazine!


10/2/10 Added vintage Rollfast bicycle.


10/3/10 Added Spica ST-600 transistor radio.


10/4/10 Made a Facebook page for this site.


10/4/10 Added vintage ammo box and Ford hub-cap set.


10/6/10 Added Regency scanner and Tony the Tiger novelty radio.


10/18/10 Added 1958 Viscount V.I.P. transistor radio.


10/23/10 Added 1928 Atwater Kent tube radio.


11/8/10 Added transmitter tube, '48 Hotpoint fridge, '84 Sony Walkman, Truetone amp, and Coleman lantern.


11/12/10 Added a 1946 M.E. Bersted Mfg. Co "Zero" oscillating fan.


11/16/10 Added 1957 Motorola and 1959 Bulova 290p.


12/8/10 Added videos to the site!


12/20/10 Added Channel master radio, brownie camera, 70's RC car, West German compass, WWII compass, and a drive in speaker


1/4/11 Added Sega systems, WWII flashlight, and Atari 2600


1/17/11 Added two videos


2/20/11 Added some more radios.


4/10/11 Added some videos.


4/26/11 Added some more pictures.


8/18/11 Added pictures and videos.


9/18/11 Added pictures and videos


1/19/13 Added more pictures.


7/27/13 Major overhaul of site.