Services Offered

Radio Restoration and Repair

Have an old radio that needs repair or restoration?  I can make it work like new. A typical electrical restoration requires the replacing of all wax, paper, and electrolytic capacitors, bad wiring, out of tolerance resistors, and tubes with low emissions.  I also clean out the volume and tone controls, and align the intermediate frequency stages.  Some radios will require that more parts be replaced, it depends on the condition of the internal electronics. Contact me for an estimate,


Restoring a radio, but missing essential parts?  I may have something useful in my parts stock.  I have several hundred various vacuum tubes, knobs, dials, controls, and many other parts.  Contact me, maybe I can help.  If I don't have what you're looking for, I can help you find it.

Custom Painted Bakelite Radio Cabinets

Jayce's Vintage Radios will also paint a bakelite radio cabinet in any color or style you'd like.  Airbrush, pinstripes, pearl/metallic colors, and much more are available  Dupont Chromacolor automotive grade paint is used for all of the painted radios.  They look absolutely stunning.  Contact me for more info.