Zenith 12S266 Restoration

From Basket-Case to Centerpeice

This is my 1938 Zenith 12S266 Shutterdial console radio. Since the beginning of my radio hobby, I had always wanted a '38 Shutterdial.  They are amoung the most collectable Zenith consoles, usually hard to find and fairly expencive. I bought the Zenith it in December of 2012, after finding it on Craigslist.  The cabinet was in poor condition, and the chassis and dial were just as bad.  Over the next four months, The chassis was rebuilt and repainted, the dials were restored using dupont automotive paint and decals from radiodaze.com.  Each I.F. and capictor can was polisihed to a shine.  All resistors and capacitors were replaced and a full set of glass ST style tubes were installed.  The cabinet and knobs were repaired by a friend in Oxford GA, Ronnie Holland.  He did an outstanding job on the cabinet restoration.  After the extencive restoration, the Zenith turned out absolutely great.  See photos and video below.